Tic and Tac play Roger Rabbit in a new trailer

After Space Jam, other animated characters will make a foray into reality. On Disney+, Tic et Tac return for new adventures.

Telling the turbulent career of Tic et Tac is the objective of the new film The Rangers of Risk which will be unveiled next spring on Disney+. Since the deprogramming of the series of which they were the heroes, their lives have taken diametrically opposite directions. Tic is now an insurance representative and leads an ordinary life in a residential suburb. For his part, Tac has undergone surgery to switch to 3D, and gives galas and conventions to regain his former glory.

But when a friend mysteriously disappears, they have no choice but to team up again to investigate the case. Evolving in the world of animation and humans, the two characters play Roger Rabbit. A dive into the heart of the history of animation, with a rather promising cast. It’s a bit like space jam and Free Guy finally had a child.

Tic et Tac: The Rangers of Risk seem to have made nostalgia its business, so it is not primarily aimed at young viewers. Moreover, the latter might not grasp the multiple references and nods to pop culture that seem to punctuate the narration.

Andy Samberg and John Mulaney

To camp the two main characters, Disney recruits dubbing regulars. Thus, in the original version, these are John Mulaney (Big Mouth) and Andy Samberg (Brooklyn 99) which will play Tic and Tac respectively. They will give the reply to Kiki Layne (The Old Guard), Will Arnett (BoJack Horseman) and Eric Bana (Hulk).

Behind the scenes, Akiva Schaffer is directing this new adventure. The director is a regular in comedy, since he had made Neighbors of the third kind in 2012. It is also to him that we owe Popstar: Famous at all costswith Andy Samberg in the skin of a rapper who experiences a crossing of the desert and who sees his life turned upside down.

Appointment on May 20 next to discover Tic et Tac: The Rangers of Risk. Exclusively produced for the platform, it will not be shown in cinemas. It is therefore on Disney + that it will be necessary to go.

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