To boost the speed of a Mac, this French software is a real madness

Over the years, Macs tend to slow down – like all electronic devices. If you want to give it a second life, the software published by the French Intego can help you. It is at a preferential rate all weekend.

Whether Macs or PCs, they tend to drop in performance over time. Above all, they become slower. To avoid this degradation, you must always keep your computer up to date and optimize it constantly. By hand, this work takes hours and it is not (never) not always effective. This is why some software publishers have entered the niche.

Among the great references in the world, there is a French: Intego, which publishes its software washing machine. As its name suggests, it takes care of cleaning and optimizing your Mac to deliver top-flight performance. In a way, it will give your computer a second life. Above all, it will allow you to keep it much longer, which will allow you to avoid large renewal expenses.

Luckily, this Washing Machine software is not very expensive – and above all it is currently at a reduced price. You can get it for just 19.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros per year. Its competitors are at least twice as expensive.

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Triple the speed of applications

Intego is known in the world of cybersecurity and Mac software. The Frenchman has made a name for himself as an expert in the segment. He never went to titillate Windows, he prefers to concentrate on the operating system of Apple machines. Known for its Mac antivirus which has been downloaded more than 40 million times, its Washing Machine is also a huge box.

This software that cleans up your Mac will automatically identify thousands of unnecessary files. This goes through obsolete files, multiple iCloud backups, duplicate or triple photos and files or even language files that do not concern you. These are gigabytes of data that vegetate on your computer and serve no purpose.

By doing this heavy cleaning, of course with your consent, Intego speeds up your machine significantly. For example, your Mac will be able to start up about 30% faster. As for applications, they can be three times faster. In short, for 19.99 euros per year, it is perhaps the best investment you can make to protect your Mac. Note that a 30-day “satisfied or refunded” period is offered.

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Intego has a complete formula

Since 1997, Intego has been a recognized global expert in cybersecurity. Its software VirusBarrier is installed on tens of millions of machines and provides comprehensive macOS protection. Its teams focus only on this operating system and probably offers the best experience on Mac. Its software is non-intrusive and it does not penalize the performance of a computer.

The French company has developed a formula that combines its four reference software on Mac. In addition to the Washing Machine and the antivirus, there is also a tool that allows you to make automatic backups of your disk (in the cloud) or a tool that allows you to create parental controls. These four software are all unanimously recognized and they are complementary.

At the moment, this suite called Mac Premium Bundle X9 is selling at an ultra attractive price: 29.99 euros per year instead of 84.99 euros. In the first year, this software combo actually comes at an affordable price. We can only advise you to take advantage of it. You can always cancel your subscription once you get closer to the end. If necessary, you also have a 30-day “satisfied or refunded” period here.

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Discover the Washing Machine

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