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To cope with the heat wave, equip yourself with this Oceanic mobile air conditioner at a mini price!

With the heat wave affecting France this week, it is better to be well equipped to avoid suffocating. Precisely, Cdiscount today offers a good plan to acquire a mobile air conditioner at a great price.

If you don’t have the means or the possibility of installing a fixed air conditioner in your home, why not opt ​​for one that is mobile? Right now, that’s good because it’s possible to get one at a relatively low price. It is the e-merchant Cdiscount which offers a great offer on the Oceanic mobile air conditioner which goes to only 149.99 euros.

Also, if you are a Cdiscount à Volonté member, you benefit from 10% donated to your kitty, i.e. 14.99 euros to be used on your next purchases. An excellent deal anyway that will allow you to enjoy a little freshness in your home. It is always more pleasant to enjoy a pure and fresh environment than a heavy and charged atmosphere.

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For you, your children, the elderly, it is an excellent investment which, in addition to providing freshness and a moderate temperature, can also prevent you from feeling unwell, and therefore possibly a trip to the emergency room. These days, it remains a more than useful object that will surely delight you. Indeed, the latest weather forecasts in France are not very reassuring – with in particular a heat wave and 25 departments placed in heat wave orange vigilance, in addition to the 12 already in red.

Oceanic mobile air conditioner: a smart investment, in tune with the times

This Oceanic mobile air conditioner adapts to your needs. It lets you choose between two speeds, slow or fast, once the “Cool” and “Ventilation” modes are selected. Very practical, the latter offers you optimal comfort, at any time of the day or night. Its start can indeed be programmed thanks to the timer it incorporates.

Very easy to use, you can also control the airflow according to the desired temperature in your home for efficient cooling (maximum airflow: 250 m3 air/h). Its adjustable ventilation grille from top to bottom allows you to adjust the angle of diffusion. In addition to cooling, it also offers a function that dehumidifies the air in your home.

From a strictly technical point of view, this Oceanic monobloc mobile air conditioner offers a cooling power of 2000 W or 7000 BTU and its dehumidification capacity is 19 liters of water per day. The latter has an LED display control panel with an electronic keypad. In this way, you can easily see in real time the essential information such as timer, speed, operating mode, temperature, etc.

It also has different modes that adapt to your needs: air conditioning, dehumidification, ventilation and night. Whether during a heat wave or during periods of more moderate heat, this mobile air conditioner can be adjusted as desired – to a temperature between 15°C and 31°C in steps of 1°C when the “Cold” mode is selected . We appreciate the fact that it comes with its remote control which allows you to control it from your sofa or your bed.

Thanks to the latter, you can start or stop it, change its mode of operation, its speed, or even program it. The hot air exhaust pipe is also provided. As you will have understood, this Oceanic monobloc mobile air conditioner will be perfect for rooms up to 15 m2 and can therefore be suitable for your living room, kitchen, and other places in your home. Especially since it is currently on sale!

To discover the offer on the Oceanic mobile air conditioner at Cdiscount, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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