To fill the shelves in the midst of a shortage, Nvidia is releasing an RTX 2060 12GB

Still haven’t managed to get your hands on an Nvidia RTX 30X0? You might have better luck with the new RTX 2060 12GB.

For founders and other companies that produce hardware, the current situation is a mess. Paralyzed by the semiconductor shortage, most brands find themselves forced to juggle particularly meager inventory that sells for gold as soon as they hit the market. This is especially true for graphics cards; and to (slightly) improve their availability, Nvidia has a little idea.

Are the 30X0 series production lines deserted? Never mind: Nvidia will dust off an old card to come and lend a hand to gamers during this holiday season. Rather than wait for a normal-priced 3080 RTX that isn’t likely to show its nose for months, the public will be able to fall back on a new version of the RTX 2060. This will be equipped with 12GB of RAM, be the double the basic model released in 2019.

This is all the more true for this 12GB version which also benefits from some other discreet improvements. On this Founder’s Edition 2.0, the number of CUDA hearts has been revised upwards (2176 against 1920). The clock speed has also been slightly improved. In the end, we end up with a map that is more like a RTX 2060 Super than the original 2060.

A good compromise, while waiting for the end of the shortage?

Those who wish to discover all the power of the latest generation of 30X0 cards will therefore still have to take their troubles patiently. But all is not necessarily disappointing in this announcement. The 2060 remains a card in solid price-performance ratio; its performances are still quite honorable today. This release could therefore be beneficial for those who have been waiting for any GPU for months.

After all, better an older generation card than the chipset integrated into your CPU! This card will still allow you to rotate any modern game in 1080p. Even 2140p, as long as you make some concessions on graphics quality or framerate. But it will undoubtedly have a harder time on more demanding tasks or on recent titles with RTX enabled.

It remains to address the angry question, namely the price. The original 2060, with its 6GB of RAM, was launched at € 369. This version will certainly be a tad more expensive when it leaves the factory … and much more expensive once on the market. Because unfortunately, the situation being what it is, we must also expect that the price inflates artificially once on the shelves.

Will this RTX 2060 save Christmas for PC gamers? No chance. But at least the green team is taking some initiatives to try to alleviate the effects of the shortage. And that, we can only be satisfied. Let’s just hope this situation will eventually settle down; it would be really sad to see a second generation of cards land in the same context of scarcity.

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