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Tobey Maguire finally speaks about his comeback!

After months of silence, the original Spider-Man has finally returned to his highly anticipated return in No Way Home.

The secret must have been very difficult to keep. After months of rumors and speculation, Marvel and Sony have finally brought together the three interpreters of Peter Parker on the screen. An unprecedented reunion in the history of the MCU and more generally of pop culture. If since then Andrew Garfield has repeatedly returned to his participation, Tobey Maguire has remained extremely silent.

It was at the heart of an interview for Pete Hammond that the actor finally spoke about his return to Spider-Man: No Way Home. The one who camped Peter Parker for three parts under the aegis of Sam Raimi thus explains having been contacted by Amy Pascal (Sony) and Kevin Feige (Marvel) three months before the start of filming. “I was immediately intrigued. During this conversation, I really felt a deep love for these films. I’m a big fan of Tom, his films, and also Andrew’s but I also wondered what we were going to do. The idea was really to revisit what was part of my story, and have the chance to meet again”.

The conclusion of an epic

The actor also sweeps aside the rumors of a probable reappearance in the coming years. “It’s kind of a resolution of my trip. Just the fact of coming back and having, I wouldn’t say closing a chapter, but of having been able to revisit this universe. It was truly amazing.”

Sam Raimi loved the movie

Tobey Maguire isn’t the only significant character in the Spider-Man universe to have spoken about the film lately. Sam Raimi, who works for Marvel on Doctor Strange 2raved about No Way Home. After all, it’s rarely a good idea to criticize your boss, especially when you know that the film he’s going to direct stems directly from this final installment of Jon Watts’ Spider-Man trilogy.

“This is very fun. I love No Way Home and the audience at the screening I attended went absolutely nuts. It was a real pleasure to see Alfred (Molina) play his part, and also Willem Dafoe, just to see them taken to the next level. Tobey was awesome as always. The best word I can find is that it was refreshing for me”.

A fourth film for Tom Holland?

A few days before the release of Spider-Man, Sony announced the development of a fourth film. A particularly mysterious project, which Tom Holland does not really intend to reveal. During this interview, the actor confided some details on the continuation of his adventures as a weaver of webs. “I love this character and I’m not ready to say goodbye to him. But if it’s time for me to say goodbye, then I’ll do it with pride, knowing that I’ve achieved everything I wanted. Loving this character and sharing it with these guys (Tobey and Andrew editor’s note) will forever remain one of the most special experiences of my career. So if it’s time, it’s time, but right now I don’t know.”

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