Tokyo will be exclusive for “at least” a year to the PlayStation 5

It is awaited by Japanese video game enthusiasts, and for good reason: Ghostwire: Tokyo marks the return to production of Shinji Mikami, the illustrious legendary game designer on this new production from his Tango Gameworks studio. Described as a mix of action and horror, this first-person excursion to a Tokyo capital besieged by yokai Japanese folklore has taken date for PlayStation 5 and PC for next March 25… And could well arrive one day on Xbox, according to its latest trailer.

One year firm minimum for Ghostwire: Tokyo

It’s at the end of the new gameplay trailer for the game that we can read an interesting mention about the release platforms. Yes Ghostwire: Tokyo has already been confirmed for PC, so the title would be a temporary exclusive. until at least 03/25/2022“, that is until at least a year after its release on PS5. Obviously, this in no way guarantees its direct arrival on Xbox in a year, but it is certainly a good sign in this direction.

This is both good and bad news for Xbox gamers. Until maintenance, it was difficult to fully understand if the latest from Tango Gameworks would one day leave the prerogative of the PlayStation 5, the title having been announced as marking its “debut on consoles” with the PS5. A formulation widely used today to designate temporary exclusives to a certain platform. This latest stream can therefore be taken as half-word confirmation of its eventual arrival on Xbox Series X|S—but not for quite a while, then.

This kind of temporary exclusivity agreement seems to have become more than standard among third-party productions; we could, among other things, mention the exclusivities Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Oddworld: Soulstorm or Godfall, all of which are flagged as arriving on other platforms at some point. Another PS5 exclusion of expected size on Xbox consoles: the famous DEATHLOOP from Arkane Studios, announced before the takeover of its parent company Zenimax Media and Bethesda by Microsoft, is indeed a temporary exclusive.

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