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Tom Holland explains why he plays Nathan Drake in Uncharted

During the Sony conference at CES, Tom Holland told what motivated the firm to develop a feature film.

This year, the CES was not only the meeting of Tech. Sony used his conference to promote the release of his next film, inspired by video games Uncharted. And the studios have seen it big, by inviting the actor who plays Nathan Drake on the set. An interview with the CEO of Sony Pictures which notably allowed to review the development of the film, and in particular the reasons which motivated its putting into production. Tom Holland, who describes himself as a fan of the video game license, explains having discovered them during the filming of the first Spider-Man.

“One of the advantages of making these films is that they are made by Sony, which markets the Playstations. So all the actors’ trailers were equipped with the best TVs and the latest Playstations, and one of the games they gave me was Uncharted ”.

Pay homage to the games

He says he spent hours playing with these co-stars, to the point of sometimes reluctant to find the film sets when they were carrying out an important mission for the unfolding of the game. It was after this discovery that the actor had a discussion with the producers of Sony Pictures and that the idea of ​​an adaptation was born.

A plot that will immerse us in the origins of the character of Nathan Drake. Because yes, it will not have escaped you, the actor is much younger than the protagonist in the games. Moreover, his recruitment had sparked some controversy, while many were worried about seeing the film take too much freedom. Tom Holland reassured them, he did everything to pay tribute to the title of Naughty Dog.

A family affair

In his first mission across the world, Nathan Drake meets Victor Sullivan and Chloe Frazer. But while he is on the trail of priceless loot, he gradually discovers that it has a link to the mysterious disappearance of his older brother, a few years earlier. The feature film should thus explore how this orphan is forming a new family.

Uncharted arrives in French theaters on February 16. Several trailers have been shared, as well as an extract of a mythical scene from video games.

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