Tomorrow (maybe…), parcels sent from space!

The future will be spatial or it will not be. The start-up american Inversion Space unveiled a dozen days ago its rather crazy project for a delivery service… via space! The objective is as clear as it is ultra-ambitious, since the aim here is to shorten delivery times as much as possible between long distances, which can be of almost vital interest in the medical sector (delivery of organs from a donor from country X to a patient located in country Y).

Parcel delivery from area 1

In fact, the Inversion Space delivery service will specialize in this type of ultra-sensitive delivery, and will therefore consist of sending the package to a space station (step 1) aboard a capsule, then expanding the said capsule ( from the station) so that the latter falls to a maximum of a few tens of kilometers from its “target”. Inversion Space further explains that the journey in weightlessness guarantees the integrity of the delivered organ (but what about the passage through the atmosphere then, or take-off?).

Parcel Delivery From Space 1024x682

As you can imagine, this project is still only at the stage of the note of intent, or almost: Inversion Space has nevertheless started the tests of its capsules by dropping them by plane from 900 meters above sea level. The “package” returns to the mainland like any space capsule would: carried by a parachute. Maybe in 2040?

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