Top 10 must-have apps to install on your new Android smartphone

Congratulation ! You have just turned on your brand new Android smartphone for the first time! Now, the real fun can begin: it’s time to install apps on your phone. If you don’t know where to start, we have concocted a little top 10 of essential applications to install on your smartphone!

Configuring a new smartphone is both a pleasure and a constraint. We almost wish our precious was already ready once out of its box. However, before you can use it and get the most out of it, you are going to have to scrutinize the Google play store to find the applications you are going to need. Depending on your tastes, your lifestyle and your hobbies, you are obviously going to need different applications. Here’s a good start! Above you will find our TOP 10 must-have Android apps. Of course, this selection is subjective, so do not hesitate to share your favorite applications with us in the Comments section below the article!

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +

Let’s start with the respective applications of the different streaming platforms. If you subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + or even OCS and Salto, know that these services all have a dedicated Android application. They are extremely practical when you want to watch your favorite series in transport, or during the lunch break at work for example. Some of them include exclusive features, such as the Netflix app which allows you to watch a series before the download is complete or let the platform choose for you the next content to watch.

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Twitch has become over the years the essential streaming platform dedicated to video games, but not only. If you are used to following your favorite streamers on Twitch, the Android app will allow you to find them where you want, when you want, right on your smartphone. Note that the app also has a feature allowing you to stream mobile games directly, or to stream your trips and your outings via the Streamer IRL function. A must-have for all users of the platform.

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If you don’t like the default keyboard built into your smartphone, we advise you to give Swiftkey a try! This is quite simply one of the best alternative keyboards in the Google Play Store. In perpetual evolution, SwiftKey uses artificial intelligence to adapt to the way you write and to suggest the right words to you. Likewise, Microsoft’s application will offer you an efficient and very precise automatic correction. A must to write your texts even faster!

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LastPass is establishing itself as the go-to password manager on Android. If you are tired of juggling the different passwords of your accounts, this application will take care of storing them for you in a virtual and secure safe. In addition, LastPass also has a password generator. Convenient to no longer have to rack your brains to create a complex and strong password with upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. LastPass will do this for you and save it for future use. The Premium version allows it to synchronize several devices, such as your PC and your smartphone for example.

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Google Lens

Google Lens is one of those applications that will prove useful in everyday life. This application first of all makes it possible to “recognize objects” via the Google Photos application. In other words, just take a photo of an object, sign, or barcode to search directly on Google. Another particularly practical feature when traveling is the ability to translate text from one language to another in real time. Recently, Google Lens has also offered instant translation in offline mode, without going through the Internet. Google Lens regularly supports additional languages.

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waze display lanes

Waze has made a name for itself for a few years now in the mapping services industry. Faced with the giant Google Maps, the Israeli app (since acquired by Google in 2013) has made its mark thanks to the integration of many features such as traffic alerts, the display of police checks (which will end in November 2021 moreover) and possible dangers on your road, the automatic recalculation of the fastest or most ecological route, or even compatibility with Android Auto. Since February 2021, the Waze application is also compatible with Google Assistant, allowing you to plan your route by voice without taking your eyes off the road.

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Tired of increasing the number of applications dedicated to current events and your favorite subjects? Feedly will bring together all of your favorite sites like Phonandroid, your blogs, your YouTube channels in a single RSS feed for you. Feedly is connected to over 40 million feeds and is the ideal solution for those looking for specific content (whether for your work or your hobbies). In addition, Feedly offers useful integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest or even LinkedIn so that you can quickly and easily share your favorite content on your various networks. A must-have for those who want to stay informed.

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IFTTT stands out as the application par excellence when you want to automate certain tasks on your smartphone. The app is based on a simple principle: it allows you to assign an automatic action to a trigger: send an SMS to your partner when you get home, activate Wi-Fi on your smartphone once you arrive at the office, switch to Airplane mode at bedtime or to silent mode at each meeting scheduled on Google Calendar, etc. You get the idea. The app works with more than 630 apps including Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive and Amazon Alexa, and the list continues to grow.

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Google Find my device

Let’s quickly tackle the security aspect with the Google Find my device app. As its name suggests, this app will allow you to mark in real time (or its last known position) the position of your smartphone in the event of loss or theft. You can consult it either directly on official maps known to the app (airports, cinema, museums, shopping centers, etc.) or from Google Maps. Once close to the device, it is possible to trigger the emission of a powerful sound to locate it more easily, even if your smartphone is silent. And in the event of theft, a function allows you to erase all the data on the device or lock the screen by displaying a personalized message.

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In the market for instant and encrypted messaging applications, WhatsApp is the undisputed king with more than 2 billion users. However, Signal was preferred, much less greedy in terms of data collection. It is not for nothing that the app is recommended by the whistleblower Edward Snowden or by Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla. Of course, Signal provides exemplary security through state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption, whether for your calls, texts, MMS messages or any file attached to a conversation. It is also possible to verify the authenticity of a contact, while the ephemeral messages to Snapchat are also part of the game. Finally, Signal does not display any advertising and no cookies to accept.

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Snapseed (bonus)

Let’s finish our selection with a bonus app dedicated to photo editing: Snapseed. Developed by Google, this professional-quality photo-editing software houses no less than 29 different tools and filters to modify your photos as you wish. We find for example the brush, the white balance, the luminosity curves, the possibility of correcting the geometry of the horizon, the focus effect, the HDR rendering and many other options. Add to that the possibility of opening files in JPG and RAW format and you get a complete and free pocket tool for all those who like to immortalize and edit their best memories with their smartphone.

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