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Thomas Stanley Holland, said Tom Holland is the darling actor of the moment! Known for having taken over the Spider-Man torch (after Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield), the actor has come a long way since then. It has been found in many other notable films, some of which are must-sees if you are a fan! Discover our small TOP 5 of best movies with tom holland. Get ready, there’s something for everyone!

Our selection of the best films with Tom Holland

Onward (2020) – Animation, adventure

In this Pixar animated film, Tom Holland lends his voice to Ian Lightfoot, a young elf who lost his father at a very young age. On his sixteenth birthday, his mother gives him a strange gift from his father: a magic scepter that would bring him back to life for a day. The problem is that magic no longer exists for millennia!

The story takes place in a world where legendary creatures (elves, fairies, centaurs, sirens, trolls, etc.) have abandoned magic for technology and modernity. Ian and his older brother Barney will then go in search of a magic stone that would allow the scepter to cast the spell and resuscitate their father.

The Devil, All the Time (2020) – Thriller

Tom Holland gives you an appointment in this psychological thriller with a three-star cast! The actor indeed shares the poster with other movie stars, including Bill Skarsgård, Sebastian Stan, Robert Pattinson or even Mia Wasikowska.

In this film, Holland plays Arvin, a young orphan whose life changes when his adoptive sister commits suicide after being abused by the pastor of their town. Drunk with revenge, will Arvin cross the red line? Especially since his destiny seems to intersect with that of other people. And meanwhile, the Devil is watching… The film offers a complex plot, in an oppressive atmosphere and deliciously tortured characters.

Chaos Walking (2021) – Science fiction

Science fiction lover, this film with Tom Holland is for you! Chaos Walking transports us to a planet colonized by a few humans… which however has no women. Men, on the other hand, are afflicted with a condition called “The Noise” which makes their thoughts visible and audible to all.

In this film, Tom Holland embodies Todd, the youngest of the colony, who meets for the first time a girl in the person of Viola. The latter crashed aboard a scout ship and will be immediately perceived as a threat by the colony. Todd will help him escape. Along the way, he will then discover the terrible secret that hides behind the colony…

Spider-Man No Way Home (2021) – Superheroes, action

It is impossible to list the best Tom Holland films without mentioning Spider-Man! Spider-Man’s solo adventures currently have three installments, including the latest Spider-Man No Way Home which is arguably the best of the trio.

We find there indeed a Peter Parker completely lost, because his secret identity has been revealed. Now booed and harassed from all sides, he asks for Dr. Strange’s help in erasing everyone’s memory. But nothing goes as planned and the spell opens breaches in the multiverse. Result: Peter finds himself facing the villains of previous franchises, such as Green Goblin, Dr Octopus or Electro.

Uncharted (2022) – Action, adventure

Go on a crazy treasure hunt with Tom Holland and his latest film! Adapted from the video game franchise of the same name, Uncharted follows Nathan Drake (Holland), a young man who goes on an adventure with his mentor Sully (Mark Wahlberg) to try to find Magellan’s treasure.

The duo will follow the clues left by Samuel Drake, Nathan’s brother who has mysteriously disappeared. Their research will take them on a journey around the world, with a lot of action on the program, because they are not the only ones who want to get their hands on this treasure whose value is estimated at five billion dollars… The trailer promises adventures of crazy!

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