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You want to watch a great science fiction (SF) series on Netflix! That’s good because the streaming giant’s catalog is not lacking! There are even so many that you won’t know where to turn. We gave you a little top best Netflix sci-fi series.

Here are the best sci-fi series on Netflix

Lost in Space

“Lost In Space” follows the Robinson family. Selected to live in a space colony, the ship that transports them however crashes on a strange planet, very far from their initial destination. Lost in space, the Robinsons will have to show strength and courage to hope to escape. Three seasons of “Lost In Space” await you on Netflix.

Black mirror

This anthology series is a real nugget! Each episode plunges us into a dystopian world and / or society. However, the veil between fiction and reality is very thin … “Black Mirror” particularly likes a recurring theme: the harmful effects of technology on individuals and social relations. Some episodes convey really powerful messages that will not leave you indifferent. The series is available in five seasons on Netflix.

Stranger Things

A true star on Netflix, “Stranger Things” is presented as a horrific sci-fi series that is drunk like whey. The story follows a group of young teenagers who are determined to find their mysteriously missing friend. Their quest for an answer will however lead them to a strange young girl, they will also discover frightening secrets. But are they ready for it? Three seasons are on Netflix and a fourth is coming soon!

Sense 8

Created by the Wachowski sisters (Matrix), “Sens 8” is a fast-paced series that follows eight individuals scattered around the world. They do not know each other, have never seen each other and even less spoken, and yet suddenly they find themselves suddenly connected after having shared a violent vision. The eight then become able to see each other, to feel, but also to speak to each other as if they were in the same place! The two exciting seasons are available on Netflix.

The 100

In this sci-fi series, the story takes place in a future where Earth has been ravaged by nuclear war. The rest of humanity has taken refuge in a fleet of space stations orbiting the blue planet. Almost a hundred years later and resources are running out. A hundred young delinquents are then sent to Earth as part of a program to test the chances of survival. Seven seasons are waiting for you on Netflix!

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