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Total Nintendo Switch sales exceed PS4 sales in the US

The JV figures on the American market have just been released for the first months of the year, and they are nothing short of historic: in aggregate, the total sales of nintendo-switch have indeed reached 42 million units in the United States, more than the total of the PS4 (40 million). The Switch is therefore now the 6th best-selling console in the United States, behind the Nintendo DS, the Game Boy, the PS2, the Xbox 360 (yes!), and the Wii.

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The Switch remains the best-selling console in the US for the month of April, but we note the strong comeback of the PS5, which is ahead of the Xbox Series in sales volumes, and ahead of everyone in turnover. business. Sony has therefore succeeded in improving the availability of its console, after a very complicated year 2021 and first quarter 2022.

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Beyond the crushing score of the Switch, it’s a game that is also making a splash in the United States, or rather, which continues to make a splash since we’re talking here about the incredible Elden Ring. FromSoftware’s masterpiece is indeed the best-selling title in the US over the last 12 months, which means that even Call of Duty: Vanguard is down, and even that Elden Ring came out much later. Unheard of for the Japanese studio, now at the level of the biggest studios in terms of sales volume.

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