touch controls are very popular

According to a latest behavioral study, touch controls are used by a large number of gamers on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming is growing in importance as time goes on. If the studio relies above all on its catalog of games offered as part of the Xbox Game Pass, Ultimate subscribers have seen clear improvements in the cloud gaming part. Since its creation under the name Project xCloud, Xbox Cloud Gaming has expanded to more than a hundred games and all types of media.

Today, you can play in the cloud via the web, the Xbox app for PC, and even recently through consoles. But there is still one platform supported by functionality: mobile devices. Indeed, in order to adapt its service to the majority of gamers, Microsoft has strived to add touch controls to many titles, which players can discover at any time from iOS or Android.

Playing on mobile, the new normal?

These may seem anecdotal to many players, the current “standard” being PC or console gaming. However, we have already seen in 2020 that mobile is taking an increasingly important place among gamers. Microsoft confirms the phenomenon by revealing that 20% of Xbox Cloud Gaming players exclusively use touch controls to play. A developer then explains that he is “ important to us that the touch games we launch are relevant and, above all, that they play well with the touch controls “.

He also unveiled the list of the most played games with touch controls. For the latter, 30% of players on titles only use touch controls to play, a record to date. Here is the list :

  • Hades
  • New Super Lucky’s Tale
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon
  • Scarlet nexus
  • Dragon’s Quest XI
  • Minecraft Dungeons
  • Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition

Xbox Cloud Gaming hits the mark

The developer therefore explains: “ We have seen, on average, a doubling of the use of titles available through Xbox Cloud Gaming, of all genres, that implement touch controls. “. Not only does this testify to the popularity of touchscreen controls, but also the popularity of mobiles as a favorite medium which is always interesting.

As a reminder, Xbox Cloud Gaming is only available via the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and therefore allows you to access the entire library of games offered by Microsoft as part of this subscription at € 12.99 per month. A wide variety of games are available in the cloud, which you can experience on PC, consoles, or even mobile devices. In addition, many are compatible with touch controls, for playing on the go.

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