TousAntiCovid is almost useless, according to the Cnil

The latest CNIL report is quite appalling for TousAntiCovid. After months of promotion by the government, the application would ultimately have only very limited use, according to the Commission. Indeed, the conditions to be met to take full advantage of its features are far too numerous.

TousAntiCovid app on iOS

Since its launch in October 2020, TousAntiCovid has been heckled from all sides. I have to say that the application is far from unanimous. Its real usefulness, to begin with, has often been questioned, sometimes even by associations which have demanded a precise report on its results – which they will never obtain. Then, we were also treated to a scandal concerning the use of confidential French data, even though the government had claimed not to store anything on that side.

Whereas today the application is more or less fallen into oblivion following the lifting of the restrictions concerning the health pass, the CNIL comes to drive the point home a little more with its latest report published this Monday, July 4. First observation: TousAntiCovid has not did not receive any major update for several months, which in itself is hardly surprising given the current situation and measures regarding the pandemic. On the other hand, the Commission is formal on one point: TousAntiCovid has only demonstrated a ” marginal utility “.

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TousAntiCovid works too complicated to really work

In other words, the CNIL is not really convinced by the real usefulness of TousAntiCovid. Its contact tracing system, which in theory allows users to be warned when they have crossed paths with an infected person, is indeed subject to a too many conditions to be truly effective. This one is “very dependent on the number of actively used applications”underlines in particular the CNIL.

Even if TousAntiCovid would be the most downloaded application in history, as Cédric O claims, we must add to this the fact that thee Bluetooth must be activated on the two smartphones concerned and that their owners have added their medical situation in the system. Not to mention that the connection may fail. Gold, “the usage statistics of the contact tracing feature […] don’t seem particularly high”notes the CNIL.

Thus, the organization recommends using the application only in periods when the risk of contamination is high.

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