transferring images to another Android app becomes child’s play

The Android version of Google Keep now makes it easy to drag and drop images to other apps. This novelty is part of Google’s desire to optimize multitasking on Android, as announced at Google I/O 2022.

google keep dropping android
Credits: Google

On May 11, 2022, Google held its new Google I/O 2022 conference. The opportunity for the manufacturer to unveil several new products, such as the Pixel 6a, its new mid-range smartphone, or the Pixel 7, its future premium device. The Pixel Watch, the latest connected watch from the Mountain View company, was also in the spotlight.

Of course, Android 13 was at the center of the announcements. The manufacturer took the opportunity to formalize the launch of the first public beta of its next OS. At the beginning of June 2022, we were already at the 3rd beta version. The opportunity for users to discover the various improvements made by Android 13 in terms of multi-window mode, interactions with the taskbar or even with media distribution.

Regarding multitasking, Google had announced during the Google I/O several optimizations to come on its main applications. The company is beginning to walk the talk, since it is now possible to drag images from Google Keep for Android to other apps.

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Google Keep supports drag and drop on Android

To do this, it will be enough to open Google Keep and another application such as Gmail for example in multitasking mode. If your notes contain images, press it for a few moments until it is selected, then switch them to the window of the other application. This feature was integrated with Google Keep update on Android. Our colleagues from the 9To5Google site claim to have tested this feature on an Android 12 tablet and several Pixel smartphones.

Google had also demonstrated this feature with Google Photos at the Google I/O 2022 conference with Google Photo. Note, however, thatit is still not possible to drag attachments from Gmail to other applications. But it’s a safe bet that this feature will soon arrive on Google messaging. As a reminder, Google Drive has recently made it possible to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate more easily. Users can therefore copy, cut and paste their files, rather than doing long and tedious drag and drop.

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