Travis Scott and Apple targeted by € 1.7 billion complaint

Following the tragedy that claimed the lives of 10 people, several complaints were filed against Travis Scott and Apple Music.

the November 5, during a concert by Travis Scott, ten spectators lost their lives. Following a crowd movement, the victims were crushed by the other participants. The American rapper was performing at the Astroworld Festival, for the first edition since the start of the pandemic. But this reunion turned into a nightmare.

If the authorities are still investigating the circumstances of the tragedy, the first complaints have been filed against Apple Music, which broadcast the event live, but also the organizer: Live Nation. The responsibility of Travis Scott is also engaged, as well as that of Drake who had joined him on stage during the concert.

This is not the first time that Travis Scott has been at the heart of such an affair. He had already been blamed for excesses during concerts in Chicago and Arkansas, notes Apple Insider. At the time, the artist reportedly urged fans to disregard security measures. Travis Scott had pleaded guilty.

A complaint amounting to 1.7 billion euros

This Thursday, November 18, a new complaint was filed against the rapper and the organizers of the event by lawyer Thomas J. Henry. This revised complaint now brings the number of complainants to 282, Bloomberg reports. He is also said to be in talks to add another 120 people.

In a statement, he said that “The defendants were prepared to earn exorbitant sums from this event, and they still chose to cut costs and put the participants at risk”. He added that these customers want to ensure that the organizers are held accountable for their actions.

“They want to send the message to all artists, event planners and promoters that what happened at Astroworld cannot happen again”.

A spokeswoman for Travis Scott told Fox News last week that the artist “Actively explore the avenues of connection” with the families of the victims and the many injured. Apple Music, as well as all the companies involved in the organization, is also the subject of another complaint to the tune of 663 million euros.

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