Trees would be transmission pipes for large quantities of methane

The results of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Birmingham showed the behavior of methane through the trees. It turns out that trees are the evacuation channel by which the methane is found in nature. Whether in a humid or dry area, the third greenhouse gas passes through the root system of trees. The same study showed that in thelack of water, methane invades the soil surface.

In order to understand how methane works, scientists arranged on three flooded plots of tall trees. These are the trees of the central Amazon basin. The researchers conducted the experiment on the four quarters of a year. With a gas analyzer and mathematical calculations, they were able to actually identify the source of the phenomenon.

The results show that current estimates of global emissions missing a crucial element in the matrix. It would probably be necessary to review the models, and by integrating the role of trees in the evacuation of methane.

Another crucial role of trees revealed

Methane being one of the best gases used in the production of renewable energies, it is important to find the best formula to preserve them. Indeed, the trees are nowadays cut down wrongly and through. They are used both in the manufacture of furniture or to create works of art. With deforestation and bush fires, we are still far from being able to claim to protect them properly.

Of course, beyond the fact that logging plays a major role in the survival of certain civilizations and social groups, researchers have argued that those in wetlands are precious treasures of nature. In Brazil, for example, large trees are the cores from which a reasonable amount of methane is removed.

A discovery that could lead to others

The research team said that “Half of global methane emissions from tropical wetlands are channeled through trees”. As a result, the disappearance of trees will cause a shortage of methane. However, in addition to its preponderant utility in the energy sector, this gas plays an important role in that of public health.

Predictively, scientists would like to find indomitable means to preserve trees in wet and dry areas. By doing so, they will be able to explore discovery in other regions.


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