Tropicana toothpaste allows you to drink orange juice after brushing your teeth

Everyone has had the particularly unpleasant experience of having that taste of used batteries in the mouth in the morning, after drinking orange juice after brushing their teeth. Fortunately, Tropicana found the solution.

Anyone who brushes their teeth before breakfast has felt the effects of orange juice in their mouths: it’s very unpleasant! The culprit is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), an agent known for its very effective cleaning abilities, which is why it is found in all toothpastes.

Toothpaste without SLS

But the SLS has a flaw: the taste buds momentarily lose the possibility of tasting several flavors. This change is what causes orange juice to taste after brushing your teeth. Obviously, for a brand like Tropicana, this is a problem because who would want to drink orange juice after such an experience?

This is why the company has developed its own toothpaste that allows you to enjoy the nectar after brushing your teeth! Designed with Dynamic Blending, this SLS-free toothpaste will have the same cleaning properties. Unfortunately, your fingers will have to be crossed because the product is not commercially available: you have to participate in a competition to hope to receive a hit …

Despite everything, the idea is good. And you never know, she could push Tropicana to market its toothpaste in a much broader way. A survey conducted by the brand shows that 80% of respondents share this disgust with orange juice after brushing their teeth. There is potential!

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