Truth Social, Donald Trump’s new social network, is already raising controversy

Donald Trump has finally launched his own social network, Truth Social, which has the ambition to walk on the platforms of Facebook and Twitter. In the meantime, the new platform is already being mocked!

Following the attack on the Capitol on January 6 by his supporters, Donald Trump was banned from Facebook, Twitter and all major online platforms. The former US president then started a blog that didn’t last long, while promising the creation of a proper social network.

Storming traditional platforms

This social network was finally presented this week: it’s called Truth Social and it will be in beta test in November, with a launch scheduled for the beginning of next year. But already, it is possible to register with a manipulation, which did not fail to do several jokers … Including one who took the username “donaldjtrump” and posted a photo of a pig who relieves himself.

On Truth Social, we don’t tweet, we post a ” truth “(Truth), we do not retweet, but we” re-truth “. According to the screenshots of the iOS application already available on the App Store, the interface will be very similar to that of Twitter.

The social network code has also been reviewed, it works with Mastodon’s open-source code. The founder of the platform, Eugen Rochko, wonders about the possible violation of his license: it requires developers to share the changes made to the code with the rest of the users, and that they credit the loans.

The conditions of use of the service were also unveiled, in particular it can be read that it is forbidden to ” disparage, tarnish reputation or in any way harm us and / or the site “. Are we to understand that it will be impossible to speak ill of Donald Trump, who owns Truth Social?

Truth Social is only a small part of a vast universe of media that Donald Trump wants to set up. To do this, the former tenant of the White House has created TMTG (Trump Media & Technology Group), a group that also wants to launch a streaming service offering content ” no woke To compete with Netflix, Disney + and Hulu.

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