Twitch: a Spaniard breaks the record for simultaneous views, with 3.3 million viewers

On June 25, the Spanish Ibai broke the record for simultaneous views on the platform Twitch, with a peak audience of 3.3 million viewers. The latter had organized an evening of boxing competition called “La velada del año II” (“The evening of the year II”), and it must be believed that the theme attracted a lot of people since several million people rushed in front of their screen to watch the fights.

A small detail probably explains the success of this competition “streamed” : the fights opposed indeed… “star” streamers (men and women). In addition to this record of views, more than 400,000 people subscribed to the Spanish channel during this evening alone.

This new record far surpasses the previous mark which had been established by a certain TheGrefg during a live Fortnite, with 2.5 million simultaneous views.

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