Twitch figured out how to permanently ban haters

Twitch continues its efforts to reduce harassment with a new tool that uses machine learning to detect people who attempt to evade bans by bypassing the system.

Twitch announced the addition of a new security tool to its streaming platform. This will detect users engaging in suspicious activities, such as those who bypass the moderation system to escape a ban.

The new tool for detecting suspicious users “Suspicious User Detection” takes advantage of machine learning to flag viewers who use a new account to bypass a ban earlier on specific channels. Once these users have been identified, the streamer or its moderators can take whatever action they deem necessary.

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How will this new moderation system work?

After creating a new account, any repeat haters will be able to send messages in the chat, but they will be directly reported by the system. The detection of suspicious users will have two levels of moderation.

Indeed, the “Probable” classification will hide a comment from the general chat and flag it so that only the streamer and their moderators can see it and take action against the account. The second level is the “Possible” classification, which will report the account from which the comment comes, but the message will remain visible in the chat.

Twitch says this new feature will be enabled by default for all streamers, so you won’t have to enable it once it’s rolled out for your account. Like any program that uses machine learning, the results won’t be perfect at first. It will take some time for the machine learning program to become accurate and it is, according to Twitch, to expect some false positives and negatives.

The introduction of this tool follows the arrival of a phenomenon called “hate raids” over the past summer. These attacks have seen malicious individuals use thousands of bots to spam the channels with hate speech. A streamer named Squid Game had also suffered a flood of hate messages on her accounts. This new feature should therefore allow creators to better control haters and ensure that they remain banned. This isn’t Twitch’s only problem, as the platform has also recently seen hackers use the donation system to launder $ 10 million.

Source: Mashable

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