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Twitch would have laundered more than eight million euros

Thanks to the monetization of Twitch videos, a hacker network has managed to launder several million euros, with the help of several streamers.

The massive Twitch leak will not have allowed to update only the salaries of the most profitable influencers on the platform. In Turkey, the SVOD platform has also served as a screen for large-scale money laundering: in total, more than eight million euros. A sum large enough to push the Turkish government to call the Commission of Inquiry into Financial Crimes (MASAK) to take up the case.

Thousands of complicit streamers

In total, more than 2,400 Turkish streamers are accused of cooperating with crooks to launder money through the Twitch platform. The process was relatively straightforward: after retrieving bank details, hackers proceeded to purchase Bits, the virtual currency used on Twitch to donate to content creators. These Bits were then spent in large quantities with a selection of selected streamers, who had agreed in advance to return the amount received in exchange for a commission between 20% and 30% donations. An easy – and above all very discreet – way to launder large sums of money.

The leak continues

It must be said that the method used by the crooks would probably never have been revealed without the fortuitous arrival of the Twitch leak. As a reminder, last month, a massive data leak highlighted not only the salaries of the biggest Twitch influencers, but also the source code of the platform, as well as several other highly confidential information. By studying this leak, some have thus noticed that several relatively confidential celebrity streamers managed to earn several thousand dollars thanks to these famous Bits, even though the Amazon subsidiary only gives back 1% of the Bits received in cash. real ($ 1 per 100 Bits).

In Turkey, some streamers managed to earn several thousand dollars a day, even though their lives never exceeded 50 viewers. A perfectly illegal situation, against which many content creators have spoken out. Active for two years, this money laundering network should quickly face the MASAK. For its part, Twitch has already indicated that it has taken decisive measures to contain the problem. More than 150 streamers were sanctioned last month in Turkey.

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