Twitter is scrapping its adult social network project (and there’s a good reason for that)

Twitter had an ambitious porn platform project to compete with OnlyFans.

In addition to having come close to a takeover by Elon Musk, Twitter has had a busy 2022. The social network had indeed announced last spring its plan to invest (discreetly) in adult content. The news had gone largely unnoticed, but it consisted of offer NSFW content in exchange for a monthly subscription. The idea is not new, since it is directly inspired by the economic model of the OnlyFans platform.

If Twitter’s project to create an adult platform had been approved, the blue bird company would undoubtedly have reaped a nice extra jackpot. Finally, this clone of OnlyFans will never see the light of day, reports the site of The Verge. No purely financial considerations to see there: the addition of NSFW content on the social network could certainly have deprived Twitter of certain advertisers, but the losses would undoubtedly have been largely compensated by the income generated by paid subscriptions. Remember that this year OnlyFans predicts revenue of over $2.5 billion.

Why Twitter is abandoning its adult platform project?

The reason for this abandonment is more pragmatic for Twitter: by developing its own platform for adults, the social network was not sure of being able to differentiate legal pornographic content (featuring consenting adults) from child pornography or shocking content. An external team meeting last April thus estimated that the company, already singled out for its inability to assess its number of bots, lacked tools to precisely verify the age of its users, both on the side of creators and creators of content, than potential subscribers to pornographic content.

After rejecting the project following the announcement of a possible takeover by Elon Musk, Twitter finally abandoned its idea of ​​​​creating a platform for adults. A rather responsible admission of weakness on the part of the social network, which claims to practice “zero tolerance” concerning the sexual exploitation of children. In fact, several internal tools have already been deployed to stem the phenomenon, but if the company seems well aware of the problem, it does not manage to do much to solve it.

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