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Twitter offers a button for video captions on iOS and Android

Twitter announces that all users on iOS and Android can now activate or deactivate video subtitles using a dedicated button. A first test took place last April with certain people.

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This is a nice addition for accessibility as it allows you to display subtitles whenever you want. Previously, the CC button to turn captions on or off only appeared on the web version. On mobile, it was a reality if the sound was muted. Also, the subtitles automatically disappear when you open a video because it allows the sound to play. A few years ago, you even had to go to accessibility settings to enable closed captioning if you wanted to see captions in your videos.

As Twitter points out in his tweet announcing the novelty available for everyone on iOS and Android, just touch the CC button to activate or deactivate the subtitles of the videos. It’s available now, you have to make sure you have the latest update of the application.

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