Two American students unveil an … infrasound extinguisher!

A 2015 Physics World article tells us that two American students from George Mason University managed to outperform DARPA researchers (US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). The American agency was working several years ago on a method of extinguishing fire based on the use of low sound frequencies, but this research was unsuccessful. Seth robertson and Viet Tran, both students at George Mason University in Virginia (United States) found the key by developing an infrasound extinguisher capable of extinguishing a small fire thanks to low sound frequencies between 30 and 60 Hz. Sound waves of these frequencies quickly deprive the fire of oxygen, so the fire stops after just a few seconds.

This new type of extinguisher also makes it possible to avoid degradation linked to the use of water or the carbon dioxide snow of conventional extinguishers. Better yet, the working prototype only cost $ 600 in components. Only the weight of 9 kg and the need for a connection to the sector limit for the moment the scope of this invention, but this is only a first version …

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