Two Spielberg classics return to cinemas and IMAX!

An alien and a big fish, this is the program of the Pathé-Gaumont IMAX festival which will take place in September.

Universal is preparing to celebrate a rather special anniversary. The studios will offer a re-release of one of the most iconic films of the 80s. For its 40th anniversary, ET The Extraterrestrial returns to our screens and does a little facelift. From September 7 to 20, it will be possible to see or review Steven Spielberg’s film. A real commercial and critical success, ET the extraterrestrial has been rewarded many times during the ceremonies. John Williams, for example, won the Oscar for best original music.

He quickly established himself as the spearhead of Amblin Entertainment, a company founded by Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall. The production box will give birth to several equally popular films, starting with Back to the future by Robert Zemeckis or Les Gremlins. On the other hand, it is the small ET which will be designated the official logo of the company.

But ET The Extra-Terrestrial isn’t the only Spielberg film to return to the limelight. Universal will also offer a second life At the Jaws of the Sea. To make the experience more immersive, the two films will thus invade the entire screen. The colossal shark should look even more impressive once in IMAX. In the United States, this release has visibly exceeded the expectations of the studios, which explain in a press release relayed by Allociné:

“It’s fair to say that to date, no director has had such an impact, nor left such an indelible imprint on the heart of the American cinema industry, and that of the almost 10 billion spectators who have seen his films all over the world.”

A festival to see big and in motion

It’s not just Steven Spielberg’s filmography that is enjoying a second youth. Several films will be on the program of the IMAX, Dolby Cinema and 4DX Festivals. Pathé Gaumont organizes special screenings in some of its theaters in France. From September 7 to 20, the theater operator will allow spectators to benefit from reduced prices on all of its technologies. For each session, whether in 4DX, IMAX or Dolby Cinema, you will only have to pay 10 euros regardless of your age.

On the program for the next few days, we find Top Gun: Maverick, Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Batman or Dune: Part One. The long version of Spider-Man: No Way Home will also be offered, as will Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The program is available here.

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