Uber banned in Brussels!

Hundreds of Uber drivers have been deprived of work in Brussels since Friday evening. The justice has indeed decided to ban the car rental service with driver in the Belgian and European capital.

Uber is once again grappling with a ban on doing business in a major metropolis. This time, it’s in Brussels that it’s happening. In a decision related to a litigation several years old, which opposes the American specialist in VTC to the company Taxis Verts which operates in the Belgian capital, the justice has ruled in favor of the latter.

A “Taxi plan” that is long overdue

The judgment of the Brussels Court of Appeal obliges the approximately 2,000 Uber drivers in the city to stop using the group’s connection application from November 26, last Friday therefore. The UberX application contravenes the current regulations on the territory of the Brussels-Capital region, the courts have held. Uber, like the representatives of the drivers, deplore the decision and above all, they accuse the authorities of inaction.

Uber has been present in Brussels since 2014 and like everywhere else, the arrival of the VTC specialist has created a stir within traditional taxi companies. The Brussels government has been working for a few years on a new “Taxi plan” supposed to authorize car rental licenses with driver, which in return would allow independent drivers to work without this sword of Damocles above their steering wheels.

But the discussions have stalled and the drivers concerned will have to find a solution to meet their needs. Not easy, whereas it is extremely complicated to acquire a classic taxi license, especially in such a short time. The ball is now in the court of the government of the region.

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