Uber Eats has made its first delivery ... to space

Uber Eats has made its first delivery … to space

The delivery company is everywhere, even delivering meals aboard the International Space Station!

Last Saturday, Uber Eats took advantage of a unique opportunity to achieve a resounding publicity stunt; the firm officially became the very first delivery service to send food into space, specifically aboard the International Space Station.

To achieve this, the company has teamed up with Japanese Yusaku Maezawa. A great space enthusiast, this billionaire decided to play space tourist by offering himself a twelve-day stay aboard the international space station. Uber, of which the billionaire is apparently a regular customer, has therefore played it all by offering him to play the VIP delivery guy.

The person quickly agreed, and neither one nor two, found himself harnessed in a Soyuz with miso mackerel, beef with bamboo shoots, braised pork and simmered chicken on the knees. Probably very unusual scents in the cockpit of a capsule leaving for space! A little more than 400 km higher, these provisions arrived safely and were able to be tasted by the crew.

A logistical anecdote for a resounding coup

Fortunately, the meals arrived in canned form; good news for astronauts, because we can safely say that after more than 8h30 of travel, the whole thing would have had plenty of time to cool down. An uninviting prospect knowing the value of the meal in question. Let us recall that the person concerned still spent approximately 80 million dollars to afford this trip; this is more than enough to make it the most expensive Uber delivery in history, without possible discussion!

A small delivery for Yusaku Maezawa, a giant delivery for Uber Eats!”Exclaimed the boss of Uber, parodying the famous tirade of Neil Armstrong. And it’s hard to contradict him; because even if the information is ultimately a funny anecdote, we must admit that in terms of communication, it is a masterstroke on the part of the troops of Uber. We are now waiting to find Soyuz trips to the ISS directly on the Uber carpooling app!

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