Ubisoft cancels the Rainbow Six Siege tournament planned in the United Arab Emirates

Building on unending success on the eSport scene, Ubisoft recently revealed the roadmap for the coming year for Rainbow Six Siegethe cooperative multiplayer FPS launched in 2015. For this seventh year nicknamed “Year of the Siege”, the French publisher has once again planned an international eSport circuit for the third edition of the Rainbow Six Siege Majors which was initially to take place in part at the United Arab Emirates… Till today.

The publisher has therefore decided to cancel the event planned in the Middle East following protests from fans.

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Several members of the community have expressed their disapproval of the French publisher’s choice to organize one of the Majors events in the USA, whose internal policy towards LGBTQ+ communities is particularly reprehensible. Same-sex sexual relations are considered a crime punishable by death in the country’s Penal Code, a climate described as dangerous for players and participants outside the esports scene of Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege will ignore the USA

A petition was posted online to protest against the choice of the French publisher to organize the tournament in the country. ” With the inclusion of LGBTQ+ members on RS:6 teams, we collectively believe this decision is unwelcome, dangerous and harmful to the ideological development of esports, Rainbow Six: Siege and its community. can we read in the manifesto of the petition having collected more than 13,000 signatures. ” We have come to the conclusion that the 2022 Majors should take place in another location that is more welcoming to the talents and community of Rainbow Six:Siege“.

In response to fan protests, Ubisoft posted a statement on Twitter to announce the cancellation of the tournament originally scheduled in the USA. Initially, Ubisoft claims to have chosen the localization after ” long discussions with our teams on the ground, the government of the United Arab Emirates and our local eSports partner to ensure that “all participants in the event “are well received regardless of their” gender, sexual orientation and origins“.

Nevertheless, the French publisher made the decision not to organize the Stage 2 of the Six Majors in the country after seeing ” the international community of Siege questioning the choice“. No new locations have been announced for this part of the tournament at this time.

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