Ubisoft “happy” with the development, any info coming soon?

We’ll be honest: after several years of unexpected delays, we didn’t expect to hear any new positive information about the project one day. Skull & Bones ofUbisoft. The piracy and naval battle game, formalized in 2017, has undergone development for the less troubled, jostled between the various international teams of the French publisher before ending up in the hands of Ubisoft Singapore for a few years now.

And if Ubisoft has nothing concrete to announce to fans, a recent meeting of investors – the nature of which is reported to us by the site TheGamer – at least confirms that the project would be on the right track.

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Skull & Bones would do well at Ubisoft

Against all expectations, piracy seems not to be over yet at Ubisoft; at least, on the side of Skull & Bones. Chief Financial Officer Frederick Dugent wasn’t particularly forthcoming about the current status of the project—which is still expected to be released next fiscal year—during this investor meeting, but nonetheless said he was ” very happy » the progress made by the development teams.

At the risk of selling the loot before burying it, this statement suggests good for Skull & Bones which could thus respect its exit horizon—which remains particularly broad, extending until March 2023.

It must be said that after more than 4 years of development, any good news on the project Skull & Bones is good to take. Initially expected for 2018, the game was later postponed to 2019 before experiencing a total reboot in 2020.

The development of Skull & Bones reportedly suffered from a lack of direction and organization within its previous development teams, before failing at Ubisoft Singapore. It’s rare to see such a murky project continued over so many years, but after more than $120 million in budget burnt in its production, Ubisoft decided not to see all that money wasted in vain… Waiting to see the end result, maybe one day.

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