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Ubisoft: net profit falls below 100 million euros in Q1

Ubisoft is he still really a video game giant? The French publisher was disappointed when publishing the results for its first quarter of 2022. Turnover was down 5% (2.1 billion euros), operating profit fell 17% (241.5 million euros) but the disappointment comes mainly from the net profit, which falls well below 100 million and now stands at 79.5 million euros (compared to 105.2 million euros in Q1 2021). Ubisoft therefore becomes the least profitable publisher among the heavyweights of the JV sector, a weakened situation which undoubtedly explains the rumors of takeovers – from which Ubisoft tries to protect itself by seeking to lean on a financial partner such as an investment fund. investment.

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The publisher can still count on its large licenses – Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Rainbow Six each exceeded 300 million in turnover over the quarter, a first – and console sales are still supporting the group’s finances (60% of sales, but down 5%). Sales of PC games represent 26% of turnover (compared to 23% in Q1 2021) and sales of mobile games 9% (compared to 8% last year). 38% of revenue comes from microtransactions. We bet that the release of the game Avatar in the wake of the film will give a big boost to all these figures.

Finally, Ubisoft did not forget to recall the many internal changes following the revelations of the facts of sexual harassment committed by certain executives of the group. The publisher would have rehired 600 employees who had left the studio in the wake of these revelations, while women are progressing to make up 42% of the executive committee and 45% of the board of directors.

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