Ubisoft + subscription coming soon to Xbox console

Ubisoft + subscription coming soon to Xbox console

Service is now the watchword of the video game industry — and just like its equivalent on the big small screen, we no longer count the various subscriptions offered by manufacturers and publishers. Ubisoft, never the last when it comes to surfing the latest trends, has also embarked on the Netflix-style business model with Ubisoft +, a subscription allowing access to its large game library. But for now, the offer has remained the sole prerogative of the PC …

Until very soon. As announced by the French publisher, Ubisoft + will land “soon” on consoles — only Xbox for the moment.

Ubisoft gets on Xbox time

This is the first entry into the console market for the Ubisoft + service. For now only available on PC and Google Stadia, the subscription launched in 2019 provides access to more than a hundred titles from the French publisher’s catalog, thus including the biggest franchises with big budgets. Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs et al., as well as part of their respective DLC and Season Passes.

Billed at € 14.99 per month in its standard offer, we do not yet know how the French publisher’s pricing policy will apply once installed in the Xbox ecosystem. But given the pricing on PC, it would be hard to imagine Ubisoft + integrated into the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription that already relies on the presence of the third-party EA Play subscription, stay with us — without a substantial price increase from this last. No console release date has yet been announced.

Rainbow Six storming the Game Pass

The second news announced in Ubisoft’s press release is the arrival of Rainbow Six Extraction, the next cooperative FPS of the T sagaom Clancy’s, within the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscription. The title will integrate the two catalogs on the day of its release, on January 20 next. Finally, Rainbow Six Siege, currently available on Xbox Game Pass, will also be added to the PC Game Pass offer on the same day.

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