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Ubisoft’s games service will make its arrival on consoles

Ubisoft + will join the ranks of applications available on Xbox. What are the advantages for the players?

Microsoft continues to conquer the video game industry by focusing on services. In view of the success of its proprietary offers, the Xbox Game Pass or even Xbox Live Gold, the company is now welcoming a new third-party service, that of the Ubisoft studio. Called Ubisoft +, it is an on-demand game service dedicated to the titles of the French studio, such as franchises Assassin’s Creed, Watchdogs or far cry.

An announcement still unclear

For the moment, the mystery remains as to the proportions that this addition will take on console. Indeed, the service does not currently have a formula adapted to this platform, and we therefore do not know if a specific offer will be created for the occasion or if Ubisoft will simply use the same model as on the PC. No availability date has been announced yet, so it’s unclear when players will be able to take advantage of this perk.

It seems obvious that players who have already subscribed to the service on PC will be able to log into their account on the Xbox console, if they have one. The studio also takes the opportunity to announce that the next Rainbow Six Extraction title will be available from the day of its release in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. As a reminder, this is Ubisoft’s next co-op game in which players will have to fight against a more than hostile environment, after the events of Rainbow Six Siege.

It will also soon be available on PC via Microsoft’s subscription plans. See you next January 20 for all those interested in this franchise. Otherwise, on Ubisoft +, you can discover recent Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6 or Riders Republic, among other very popular titles.

How to access the Ubisoft + library?

For those who do not have an Xbox console, know that you can also access Ubisoft + on PC, or via other services such as Amazon Luna or Google Stadia. As a reminder, Ubisoft + is a subscription service giving you access to the complete library of Ubisoft games, available at a price of € 14.99 per month for the PC version, and € 17.99 for the cross-platform version. If the catalog contains around 100 games, some of which are available on the day of their release, it is often their premium or deluxe version.

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