UFO sighting by the US military: the boss of NASA does not rule out the extraterrestrial hypothesis

Recent UFO sightings by the US Navy (with supporting radar document and videos) prompted the Pentagon to deliver a synthesis of these observations, a synthesis which can itself be summed up in a single sentence: the American army does not have any tangible element allowing to rule on the exact nature of these unidentified flying objects. No proof therefore that it could be Russian or Chinese military aircraft, no proof either that Venusians piloted these devices.


The current NASA administrator, Bill Nelson, commented on these observations in an interview with Professor Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia. The directur of the space agency concedes its ignorance as to the nature of the UFOs which have flown over the ships of the United States Navy: “I spoke to these pilots. They saw something, their radars got locked on it, and they don’t know what it was. We don’t know what it is either ” Nelson acknowledges while adding that this mystery was in itself a cause for concern: “We just hope that this kind of technology does not belong to one of our adversaries here on Earth”.

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More astonishing on the other hand, Bill Nelson does not rule out the hypothesis of alien origin, a hypothesis which is nevertheless almost systematically dismissed by scientists confronted with certain mysteries which deny immediate rational knowledge (unknown cosmic signals, UFOs, etc. ). ” […] who am I to say that planet Earth is the only one to support a form of civilized and organized life like ours? “ asks the boss of NASA. An open-mindedness on the subject rather rare in the rationalist world.

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