Ukraine uses drones bought from Alibaba to strike Russia

In their resistance against the Russian aggressor, the Ukrainians show great ingenuity and everything is good to hit Russia. Including drones sold on Alibaba!

The Ukrainian army struck a blow this week, attacking the Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery in southern Russia (5 km from the border with Ukraine). A hard blow also for the Kremlin, since it is one of the most important refineries in the country. To achieve this spectacular strike, Ukrainian troops successfully sent suicide drones to the installations.

Commercial drones, weapons of war

It remains to be seen with which drones this attack was carried out! At first, we mentioned Bayraktar TB2 manufactured by Baykar, a Turkish company. The Ukrainian army actually uses these devices a lot, which benefit from excellent autonomy, but which are expensive: 5 million dollars per unit.

The videos and photos shared on social networks, however, allowed drone specialists to carry out their little investigation which led them on the trail of the PD-1 or PD-2, a Ukrainian-made drone. Or even Forpost, a Russian drone captured by the country’s army and which would therefore have been returned to the sender. But some details did not fit with the available images.

By dint of closely scrutinizing the documents present online, these investigators have come to the conclusion that Ukraine has used much more affordable drones, which anyone can buy and for good reason: they are sold on Alibaba!

It would in fact be this Skyeye model, which sells for between $5,000 and $10,000. Originally, this drone can carry cargo of 45 kg, but the Ukrainians would have modified it so that it can carry out its kamikaze mission.

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