Ukrainian hackers blow up a Russian base while hitting on enemy soldiers on Facebook

Ukrainian hackers have managed to attack a Russian base by flirting with soldiers via social networks. All thanks to Elon Musk.

The Russian-Ukrainian war is being played out on all fronts, even where no one expects it. After having hacked the taxi services, it is Facebook that the hackers are attacking. An army of cyberfighters has set up a fearsome system of fake women’s profiles on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. Of the “grazers” with well-defined objectives: seduce Russian soldiers, in order to extort information from them sensitive about their positions and future operations.

According to a survey by FinancialTimesthe operation soberly baptized “HackYourMom” would have been carried out by the pirate Nikita Knysh, and would involve more than thirty pro-Ukraine soldiers. Installed in Kharkiv, then in the west of the country, the attacks particularly targeted the Russian military base of Melitopol, in an area occupied by Soviet troops.

Using profiles of very beautiful women, the hackers managed to get in touch with Russian soldiers via Facebook. After an initial phase of seduction, several photos were then exchanged, some containing geolocation information and clues on the position of Vladimir Putin’s troops. Thanks to the operation, Nikita Knysh’s group was finally able to precisely determine the position of the Melitopol base, and launch an armed attack there.

Elon Musk lends a helping hand

The success of this astonishing operation is however not only due to the actions of the cybersoldiers. To connect to the Internet, the team of HackYourMom first had to go through billionaire Elon Musk’s Starlink network. For the occasion, it was the Ukrainian businessman Vsevolod Kozhemyako who purchased one of the fleet’s satellites before offering it to Nikita Knysh. As a reminder, this is not the group’s first attempt. Several thousand surveillance cameras have also been hacked, particularly in Belarus, an ally of the Kremlin. On the side of Anonymous, the intrusion into a national Russian television had allowed the broadcasting of images prohibited on the territory of Vladimir Putin.

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