Ukrainian studio GSC Game World will complete development of STALKER 2 in Prague

The video game sector is not immune to the war. After announcing a first postponement at the end of the year, the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World announced in a moving video the interruption sine die of the development of STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl (the name of the city has been changed to its Ukrainian spelling).


We also learn via the Eurogamer site that all or part of the studio would be relocating to Prague (capital of the Czech Republic), a forced move that we imagine necessarily painful in the current circumstances. The main members of the studio have not yet officially confirmed this change of address, which is hardly surprising in the complicated situation that is theirs today. As for STALKER 2 (which should be released on PC and Xbox Series), the chances are dwindling of seeing the end of a pixel before 2023; but honestly, who cares now?

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