Uncharted could make an appearance in Fortnite

The battle royale game Fortnite has made a habit in recent years of offering its players surprises from well-known multimedia franchises. These are usually characters from movies, series or even other video games that players can use in the game for a certain period of time. Thus, characters like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and Kratos from God of War have already had this privilege to the delight of fans of these two PlayStation characters.

It is rumored that another big name in the home console could in turn benefit from a special crossover with Fortnite. It is therefore Uncharted, the game developed by Naughty Dog which has become one of the classics of PlayStation.

Information shared by leakers

Epic Games has not yet made any announcement regarding any cross-over between its battle royale game and Uncharted. The information comes rather from two leakers: Egyptian_Leaker and Hypex.

The first shared on Twitter a message where it is mentioned that a collaboration of Fortnite with Uncharted should arrive soon. The message is accompanied by a screenshot indicating a treasure from Uncharted. Hypex went further and went in the same direction as the first by sharing always on twitter a photo of the famous treasure map as well as that of the Uncharted movie poster.

Hypex didn’t stop there. He indicated that the treasure map will be linked to a new Fortnite challenge that is set to launch next Thursday, February 17. In addition, rumors have announced two skins belonging to male characters and whose code name would be “Sleek”. The same indiscretions also reported a special item shop background. The skins and store were reportedly spotted in-game Fortnite and have a connection to Uncharted.

A crossover to celebrate the release of the Uncharted movie

The fact that Hypex has announced that the crossover will be available on Thursday, February 17 is not at all trivial. This date represents the day before the theatrical release of the film Uncharted, the production of which is inspired by the video games of the same name. The idea of ​​the franchise getting its own Fortnite crossover isn’t superfluous.

Epic Games’ game has become accustomed in recent years to doing crossovers of this type to promote a given work. He has already done this for many films in the past. These include Spider-Man, John Wick and Marvel’s Avengers. It is not insane to think that the experience will be renewed for the highly anticipated Uncharted film.

However, if the crossover is to be a reality then it is very likely that Epic Games will make an official announcement in the coming days. Moreover, we must admit that the event looks very promising if it turns out that the information provided by Hypex is real.

The leaker has indeed announced very interesting rewards that would be hidden in the treasure chests of the game. He spoke of four legendary weapons, four healing items, as well as an assortment of 270 materials. Added to this are ammunition and gold.

Source: Games Radar

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