Uncharted is a hit at the box office and signs the best start of 2022 in France

The Uncharted movie is a box office success. Released in theaters barely a week ago, it has already broken even. A success for the first blockbuster from PlayStation Productions, a studio that intends to adapt the brand’s biggest licenses on the big screen.


If PlayStation Productions has been around for several years now, the Uncharted movie is its first major blockbuster. And it’s already a great success for the studio! The movie is recovered after only one weekend of operation.

Uncharted has indeed achieved the 139 million dollars in international revenue for a budget of 120 million dollars. In France (where it was released earliest), the film earned Sony $6.3 million. It is of course the United States which serves as the locomotive, with nearly 52 million dollars in revenue this weekend.

Uncharted, biggest hit of 2022 so far

Uncharted has reached 190,000 admissions in France for its first day of operation and forecasts see it reaching the 3 million admissions in total. After the 7 million entries of Spider-Man No Way Home (also produced by Sony), the name of Tom Holland is now synonymous with success.

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Uncharted will undoubtedly be a huge commercial success for Sony, which should take it as a model for the future. As a reminder, PlayStation Productions intends to adapt the large console licenses on the big screen, and there is plenty to do. After Uncharted, the next project is The Last of Us series, currently filming and scheduled for release in 2023.

As a reminder, the Uncharted film directed by Ruben Fleischer takes over the emblematic hero of the Naughty Dog studio and takes him on an unprecedented treasure hunt. This time, the young Nathan must follow in the footsteps of Fernand de Magellan. If the feature film does not adapt a particular game, it is inspired by a good number of scenes from the saga. The film wasn’t exactly a critical success (39% on Rotten Tomatoes), but managed to appeal to a gaming audience.

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