Unsurprisingly, Konami is also embarking on NFTs

Unsurprisingly, Konami is also embarking on NFTs

What is the best communication strategy to take when you are a Japanese publisher in desperation of renewed popularity and not having released a single good game for several years already? Based on the latest news from Konami, enter the market of NFTs and blockchain would be the ideal answer … But we very much doubt it.

The Japanese publisher has just put online a list of non-fungible tokens for sale on the OpenSea auction platform. These NFTs “celebrate” (the word is big) the 35th anniversary of the franchise Castlevania, with a whole host of tokens, each more useless than the last.

Dracula fucks the chips

Just over a dozen tokens are currently listed on the Japanese publisher’s OpenSea page, ahead of their worldwide auction scheduled for January 12. There is a jumble of “game moments” taken from classic 8-bit episodes, musical extracts in MIDI format, artworks and pixel-art images… Note that, like most NFTs of the genre, the intellectual properties included in these tokens remain the full property of Konami and their beneficiaries. Buyers of these NFTs will only be able to benefit from a hyperlink allowing access to the digital object in question, and the possibility of reselling it.

Games for later

One could still spend several lines mocking this abstruse and left-handed initiative — especially for a publisher like Konami who had better show his feet to his remaining fan base. And yet — the latest industry rumors point to a slew of returns for famous Konami licenses, currently being produced in-house and at other third-party studios. Thereby, Metal Gear Solid 3 could receive a remake developed by the Virtuos team, several projects silent Hill would also be in the boxes; and inevitably, Castlevania would also be on the spot for a possible reboot. Until better news for the Belmont family.

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