urgently uninstall these 6 applications, they empty your bank account!

Six new infected applications copying very popular apps are circulating on the Google Play Store. Uninstall them quickly!

The current pandemic will have definitely accentuated our digital uses, which will have had the perverse effect of attracting crooks to multiply various and varied scams, such as the one targeting the E.Leclerc brand last May. Malware is also on the rise, spreading on our various devices by deceitful means, and in particular on our smartphones.

This is how it sometimes happens that infected applications make their way to the official Google Play Store, as Bitdefender cybersecurity researchers warn us. They have indeed discovered that malware was distributed on Android by posing as popular applications.

These apps attack your bank account

Behind these famous names, however, hides a dangerous virus known as “TeaBot”. It is a banking Trojan capable of intercepting your messages, allowing hackers to steal your authentication codes and make their way to your sensitive accounts. This malware was specifically developed to gain access to your bank account, and in particular to overcome the two-factor authentication used by many banking organizations, which is why the threat is serious.

These applications are all the more difficult to flush out as they are copies of extremely popular applications. “They don’t have any of the functionality of the original version. They ask for permission to access other apps, show notifications and install apps outside the Play Store, after which they hide their icon” explain the Bitdefender researchers.

Some have already accumulated more than 50 million downloads, which is why you would do well to take a quick look in your settings to check that none of them are there. Note that, as these are copies, you will have to look for the applications corresponding to the exact names here, and as a reminder, avoid downloading these applications via other unofficial stores:

  • Uplift: Health and Wellness App
  • BookReader
  • Pluto TV
  • Rocycnyru: THIS Bosbpat
  • Kaspersky: Free Antivirus
  • VLC Media Player

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