US Army goes green with carbon neutral fuel

The US military is also working to become more eco-responsible. But ecological reasons are not the only reasons behind the development of this new fuel.

In order to fight against global warming, the world of transport has two main solutions. The first and most radical is to reduce the number of trips, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This solution, which does not require major technological changes, nevertheless displeases transport companies and manufacturers, because it would drastically reduce their figures.

In order to avoid this sudden drop in sales, car manufacturers, but also aeronautics are trying to adapt. Always among the first when it comes to innovation, the US military is currently testing a solution that has the merit of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, a partner company of the US Army would have succeeded in converting CO2 into “An operational aviation fuel”. A first test in real conditions would have even taken place last August by the company named Twelve.

A fuel that consumes CO2

Without going into the technical details of the design of this new fuel, the US Army explains that this new technology is capable of eliminating “The need for fossil fuels, by producing syngas by recycling CO2 captured in the air and transforming this CO2, using only water and renewable energy as inputs”. Thanks to its high CO2 consumption, this new kind of fuel is advertised as carbon neutral, so it could be an interesting alternative for military, but also civil aviation.

From a military point of view, the US Army recalls in its declaration that transport, storage and supply are very dangerous stages. These phases represent a real technical and logistical challenge for the army. At the height of the conflict in Afghanistan, more than one fallen American soldier was killed in an attack on a water or fuel convoy.

She then explains that this new technology would considerably reduce the aircraft’s refueling needs, a major strategic advantage for the US Army, which thus hopes “Win any potential war” assures Roberto Guerrero, assistant secretary of the air force for operational energy.

Regarding the Twelve project, the latter should reach a first stage of its development at the end of the year while the American army has already announced that it will extend in the years to come the development of this promising solution.

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