US companies can work more easily with Huawei

Relations between the United States and China are still very tense, but on the side of the White House, it seems that some water has been put in its wine in the Huawei file. More and more American companies can work with the Chinese manufacturer.

Huawei is benefiting from greater openness from the Biden administration. Donald Trump had blacklisted the Chinese group in May 2019, prohibiting American companies from working with Huawei unless they obtained authorization from the government. The manufacturer then had to manage without the technologies of Intel, Qualcomm and Google for many products, which resulted in a significant drop in revenues.

The United States more flexible with Huawei

Things seem to be easing up, however. While the Trump administration has not given any clearances to American companies for months, Joe Biden’s has not. According to Reuters, between November 2020 and April 2021, Washington gave the green light to 113 of them to work with Huawei and sell it technology. These operating licenses are worth $ 61 billion.

All these authorizations do not mean that all companies have relaunched their trade relations with the Chinese giant. The license runs for four years and some companies have not yet used it. In fact, the United States approved 69% of shipping requests. Reuters also notes that for 80 of these licenses, the goods sold were not sensitive.

Do these relaxations mean that Huawei is out of the woods and that the manufacturer will soon be able to launch new Android smartphones? Maybe not, because Huawei is still blacklisted. In the meantime, the group continues to develop its own platform and ecosystem, which is still a cut or two below what users expect from an Android device.

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