Steam deck anti cheat

Valve announces that a new anti-cheat will be supported

Valve explains that it only takes a simple email for Steam games to support the BattlEye anti-cheat.

We are slowly approaching the release date of the Steam Deck, Valve’s hybrid PC that risks competing with portable consoles. If the first copies will be shipped by December 2021, Valve provides an update on some aspects of the gameplay of the titles on its device. Indeed, the manufacturer had unveiled some time ago that some games may not work on the Steam Deck, due to their anti-cheat software.

This is particularly the case of Fortnite, which uses Easy Anti Cheat, Epic Games’ in-house software. This software is still not supported by the device, which runs under Linux thanks to Proton. However, we can see light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to games running with the BattlEye anti-cheat, as is the case for Ubisoft titles for example. To them, Valve explains:

The integration of BattlEye with Proton has reached such a stage that, to activate it on a title, its development team only needs to contact the company. Apart from that, no further steps are necessary. Many partners have already started enabling BattlEye support on their titles, which are now compatible with Steam Deck. “.

Only one email from the pick-up

A simple email is enough for all BattlEye games to be playable on Steam Deck. The question now is, who will send this email? Ubisoft is not the only publisher concerned, and it can be noted that Krafton and Bohemia Interactive studios also use BattlEye. Currently more than a dozen studios are concerned by the problem of anti-cheats on the Steam Deck, but few seem inclined to extend compatibility with the Valve device further, even though the method is extremely simple.

The titles which will manage to run on the device, thanks to the famous mail, will be eligible for the “Deck Verified” buffer which lists all the games optimized for the Steam Deck. However, the studios will have to check other boxes to be able to benefit from it, and for example optimize the touch controls and the support of the controllers.

As a reminder, the Steam Deck can be booked in several different configurations, the first of which is displayed at a price of 419 €, then at 549 € and finally at 679 €. Building on its success, current reservations are for delivery scheduled for Q2 2022 at best.

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