Le Steam Deck de Valve

Valve doesn’t believe any outcasts will be considered in the future.

They are currently being sent to the four corners of the world at the time of this writing: the first copies of the Steam Deckthe new handheld console from Valve, will soon find its way into the hands of a lucky few who had the quickest trigger when pre-orders opened last year. Definitely the hardware release of the year, the Steam Deck also poses a lot of questions inherent to the console market… Especially with regard to exclusives. An essential asset to find a place in the competition, will the Steam Deck succumb to the sirens of games exclusive to its hardware?

The Valve engineers behind the Steam Deck spoke on the issue for the RockPaperShotgun site.

It’s hard to imagine a console without its share of exclusive games. It’s almost natural for any hardware to include a closed ecosystem for certain titles… But this is a philosophy that clashes with the aspirations of the Steam Deck. The latter is intended to be much more open—a natural extension of the PC game to take advantage of its Steam catalog, rather than a new closed platform… But will the developers play the game? Can we expect studios to develop titles exclusively compatible with the Steam deck?

No exclusivity on the horizon for the Steam Deck

For its engineer Pierre-Loup Griffais, this scenario is unlikely. ” I don’t think that will happen. I think the developers keep the Steam Deck in mind when thinking about the launch experience, when launching a game on the Deck compared to PC. explains one of the brains behind the portable console. ” But the best thing about the Steam Deck, I think, is that it can keep your Steam game library going. It’s more of a window with which to enjoy Steam, rather than a single platform.

designer Jake Rodkin also adds that developers will be more dedicated to ” make their game run better on Steam as a whole rather than designing experiences exclusively for the Steam Deck. In any case, no exclusivity has been announced for the moment. A new game was unveiled by Valve a few days ago for the console. Scheduled for March 1, Aperture Desk Job is a small interactive tutorial to learn the commands of the console… But it will also be perfectly playable on PC.

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