Valve gives an overview of the games compatible with the Steam Deck

With lines similar to that of the Switch, the Steam Deck, which was scheduled for release at the end of the year 2021, will not be available until next February. Offered in various versions, this console will allow PC game players to access their favorite titles while away from their machine.

Valve Steam Deck, an ideal console for gamers?

With a 7-inch touch screen and featuring Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity, the Steam Deck will provide many hours of entertainment to its users with its 40 Whr battery. For those who like the big screen, it is also possible to connect it to an external screen via a docking station available for sale. Console charging is achieved through a USB Type-C port.

The Steam Deck has a port for a microSD card to expand storage space and obviously for making backups. A standby feature is also provided to allow the player to restart the game from the last stop.

Steam Deck: supported games

Regarding the games that will be playable on the console, the firm notifies that the Steam Deck will only run on verified games and some requiring small configurations. In addition to these games, Valve Corporation reports that VR games present in the online game market will not be able to be played on its console. The company publishes a list of 67 playable games, including some unverified ones.

There are reports of writing size issues for some games, as well as difficulty typing on the console’s touchscreen. It is still possible to enjoy many other games that run without any problem. In this register of titles such as Cuphead, Noita or the famous death stranding appear at the top of searches.

Limiting the number and category of games that can be played on the Steam Deck is part of an experimental effort to determine the gear’s impact on PC gaming enthusiasts. Accessing the Steam platform and games regardless of location is one of the main innovations that the company offers for PC gamers. The content accessible from the console will obviously diversify over time and with updates.

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