Valve has good news for players waiting for a Steam Deck!

If you’ve been waiting a while for your Steam-signed hybrid console, know that your turn could come sooner than expected.

For a few years now, the tech industry has faced a terrible shortage of components, causing slowdowns for many manufacturers. The launch of next-gen consoles in 2020 was strongly impacted by this dynamic, which is struggling to return to normal two years later. Same concern on the side of PC gamers who cannot afford new graphics cards at affordable prices.

This situation affects all manufacturers in different ways, and consumers suffer as well. Some peripherals like the Meta Quest 2 headset see their prices skyrocket to cope with inflation. Until now, only Nintendo seemed to escape this whole affair, but another giant of the industry is also starting to get out of it. Indeed, the situation on the side of Valve seems to be improving day by day and it is the players waiting for a Steam Deck who will be able to rejoice.

Unexpected production speed

No more unpleasant surprises for the Steam Deck whose production rate has resumed even more. Valve teams were left stunned by the production efficiency of the hybrid PC which has “exceeded all estimates” according to a statement from Lawrence Yang, employee of the company in charge of the production of the Steam Deck.

against all odds, a number of reservations originally scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022 will be brought forward to the third quarter. Some players have already received their confirmation email, which prompted Valve to communicate in the face of buyer confusion. If you are concerned and you have received an email: there is no error and you can order your device now! Yang also reminds that it is possible to send a message to support if you missed your order offer after a few days. Lucky owners of a Steam Deck can already play the old PlayStation exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man and make their hybrid PC a real next-gen PSP.

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