Valve reporte la sortie du Steam Deck à 2022

Valve postpones Steam Deck release until February 2022

It will be necessary to wait until 2022 and more exactly the month of February for the launch of the Steam Deck. Valve announces that its handheld console capable of playing PC games is being hit hard by the shortage of components.

Valve postpones Steam Deck release until 2022

We have to wait until February 2022 for the Steam Deck

“We apologize for this delay. We have done our best to bypass global supply chain issues, but due to a shortage of materials, components are not arriving on time at our manufacturing facilities so that we can meet deadlines. initial launch ‘, says Valve. The group therefore announces that the first deliveries of the Steam Deck will take place in February 2022. There is not yet a specific day.

This delay is a shame knowing that the console was due out in December. It will therefore miss the Christmas period and even 2021. The “positive” point is that the delay is of the order of two months and not more.

“We can only renew our apologies for this delay and will do our utmost to improve this new booking schedule. We will continue to keep you informed of its evolution over time ”, Valve promises.

Valve announced its Steam Deck last July. The console will have some nice features for gamers, such as the ability to install Windows. There are three models: 64 GB for 419 euros, 256 GB for 549 euros and 512 GB for 679 euros. It’s good to point out that the 64GB model has eMMC storage, where both have NVMe SSD. There will therefore be a significant difference for the loadings.

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