Valve unveils a new game on the occasion of the release of the Steam Deck

Valve which releases hardware and a new game in the space of a few days, it almost seems like a dream. While many lucky ones are getting ready to receive their copies of the Steam Deck in the coming days, Valve has announced the upcoming release ofAperture Desk Joban all-new title set in the Portal universe.

As its title suggests, Aperture Desk Job puts the player in the shoes of a brand new bureaucratic employee for the Aperture company. As a young recruit ready to do anything for the glory of capital, you will have to go through a set of tasks that allow you to discover the commands and controls of the Steam Deck.

It’s really a real interactive guide for its portable console that Valve offers with Aperture Desk Job, demonstrating how buttons, sticks, triggers and joypad work for the master race from the PC who would never have touched a gamepad in their lives; and all this with a good dose of humour.

Valve revisits life in the office through its Steam Deck

Valve prefers to warn: so much so even this little game takes place in the universe of Black Mesa, it should not be seen as a new chapter in the obscure saga of Valve started with Half Life. “OCalm down: this is not a sequel to Portal. But get ready to find the same game universe, and to discover new facets! “Can we read on the game page available on the Steam site. ” Desk Job puts you directly behind the wheel at Aperture Science. Then the steering wheel flies away very quickly, and here you are enthroned behind a desk. »

Although designed primarily to introduce new buyers to the features of the Steam Deck, the game is not exclusive to Valve’s nomad and can very well be browsed by PC players, controller in hand. The output ofAperture Desk Job is scheduled for March 1 as a free download on Steam.

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