Valve’s Steam Deck will not have exclusive games

The Steam Deck, which has been postponed to 2022, will not have exclusive games, Valve announces in a FAQ. The group, known to the general public in particular for Steam, says it does not see a particular meaning in it.

Valve's Steam Deck will not have exclusive games

No exclusives announces Valve

“Could any Steam Deck exclusive titles be of interest to Valve?” “ is one of the questions. “No, we don’t think that makes sense. Steam Deck is a computer and should be able to run any game, such as a computer ”, answers the group.

The Steam Deck will run as a modified version of SteamOS by default. Players will be able to easily browse Steam and access their library to download the games. At the same time, the handheld console will allow access to the unrestricted computer experience where third-party applications can be used and installed. Essentially, that means you’ll be able to run games and launchers that aren’t Steam (making it a Pocket PC). With that in mind, making Steam Deck exclusive titles that you can’t launch on PC probably wouldn’t do much.

Valve had originally planned to release the Steam Deck for the end of 2021. But the group recently announced a postponement and a release for the beginning of 2022. This is due to the shortage of components.

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